September 19, 2021

Nebraska Nuclear Power Plant

Is there flooding at a Nebraska Nuclear Power Plant? After the nuclear disaster in Japan, many people are quite leery when it comes to nuclear power plants. They have a fear that something similar can easily occur anywhere else. Because of this, people around the world are more aware of events that are going on around nuclear power plants and are just very sensitive to the smallest thing that just does not seem right. This holds especially true with the two nuclear power plants that are located close to the overflowing Missouri River. Although on a slightly smaller scale, these two power plants are facing issues that sound eerily too similar to what happened with the flooded out Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant.

Nebraska Nuclear Power Plant

The Fort Calhoun Station, which is located just North of Omaha, was built in a location that makes it surrounded by the Missouri River. This plant was actually closed down in April for refueling, but has remained closed because part of its grounds are under two feet or water. Victor Dricks who is the spokesman for the NRC Region IV office state that there is nothing to worry about since they have taken all the necessary precautions. They have created a berm around the important facilities and have also made sure to have an additional diesel generator, water pumps, sand bags, and firefighting equipment. However, even with this, there was an incident that was reported on June 7th that got rumors flooding the internet and left everyone on edge. The Omaha Public Power District does admit that there was a fire at the plant that day and that it caused a 90 minute power interruption that allowed the spent-fuel’s pool temperature to increase by a few degrees but that nothing threatening actually happened.

The other power plant that is under scrutiny by the public now is the Cooper Nuclear Station that is also located close to the Missouri River and may be closing down due to the overflowing river. Red flags were raised when an unusual event was reported the past Sunday, but in actuality everything is under control.

Experts all agree that both plants are in no danger of having any type of nuclear catastrophe. They feel that the plants had plenty of time to prepare for the floods and are doing everything necessary to prevent any issues that may occur.”

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