September 19, 2021

Salton Sea Earthquake Threatens California

“We usually hear about earthquakes when it’s too late… that is to say, once they’ve already struck and done massage damage to an area. These events tend to trigger a 20/20 hindsight response in the majority of people. After the earthquake, people beef up their homeowner’s insurance policies. Afher the earthquake, people quake-proof their homes. Emergency stockpiles are created. Town and city structures are strengthened.

Salton Sea Earthquake Threatens California

Today, residents in the Los Angeles area have the opportunity to be proactive. There is research out now that indicates the southern end of the San Andreas Fault could be in for a hugely destructive quake some time in the near future.

Salton Sea, created in 1905, has alternately flooded and dried out many times over the years. This is what has made this body of water such a hotbed for seismic activity.

A report from researchers around the United Stats suggests that a major quake in the Salton Sea area could reach a magnitude of 7. This seems very impressive and fright-inducing considering the largest earthquake magnitude (in Valdivia, Chile) was recorded at 9.5.

We can only imagine the kind of devastation a quake like this will bring to a large, bustling metro area like Los Angeles. Without a doubt lives will be lost. Building will be destroyed. It will take a tremendous effort to restore this area if, not when, a large quake comes.

Some might be lulled into a false sense of security based on the fact that there hasn’t been a significant quake like this for many, many years… in fact it has been 300 years since the southern San Andreas Fault experienced a large earthquake. This is, however, exactly the time people who live in fault areas should be worried… the longer it’s been since the last earthquake the more likely it is that a quake will happen.

Study of previous quake activity in the Salton Sea region found that previous quakes such as the one predicted occurred at 180-year intervals, so after 300 years the area must be longer overdue for a big earthquake. People in the Los Angeles area should definitely be concerned about the warnings of these scientists. In fact all of us around the US should be aware, not only because of what will likely occur in Los Angeles but because disaster could strike anywhere at any time.

We should all make sure we have the best home insurance we can. We should have emergency food and water supplies available. We should know what to do when an earthquake or other disaster strikes. None of us should wait until it’s too late.”


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