September 19, 2021

Are You On An Earthquake Fault? Check the USGS Earthquake Map.

The USGS, also known as the US Geologic Survey Agency, has been working for 25 years on monitoring earthquakes and informing cities, states and emergency personnel when an earthquake is imminent. Their engineers have worked diligently to develop a usgs earthquake map which indicates the most likely places an earthquake will occur.

Earthquake Map

There are a number of maps involved, all of which indicate the regions where an earthquake is likely to occur. These maps have been adapted by land planning groups whenever bridges, roads or buildings are proposed. Before any such project can be accepted it must show that it is not in the earthquake prone area.

California is one of the areas in the United States that is highly subject to earthquakes. As a result, the state has a Southern California Earthquake Center which works jointly with the U. S. Geological Survey engineers to develop an earthquake map especially for the state. They have also installed seismic instruments in various buildings to determine their movement in the event of an earthquake.

The areas in this state which are most prone to earthquakes are the Los Angeles Basin and the San Francisco Bay Area. There have been very serious earthquakes in these areas in the past so special effort is being made to be sure buildings are structured in such a manner to withstand a quake. Lives have been lost and a great deal of damage has occurred with these quakes.

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However, the national seismic-hazard map shows that earthquake possibilities exist over the entire United States. The Central and Eastern parts of the country shows a moderate to high, long-term hazard although no large quakes have been experienced lately. There is also a threat to the urban area of the Intermountain West.

In Utah one will find the Wasatch Fault. Earthquakes in this area have been felt in magnitude of 7 or larger and have caused a great deal of damage. These quakes are expected to continue into the future with the result that efforts are being made to prepare an emergency program to assist residents when such an event occurs. The seismic map of this land clearly indicates where the Fault lies so building is curtailed in that area.

The seismic-hazard map of the United States also shows other places which are subject to possible earthquakes but the west coast and the southern part of Alaska have indications of the most danger. The purpose of these maps has been to indicate where earthquakes are most likely to occur and to use this information to re-structure existing buildings and put new ones, and projects, in safer locations.

The development of the “ShakeMap” has been of great benefit to the states, cities and others involved by allowing them to put emergency plans into operation immediately upon notification of an oncoming quake. With the use of this map USGS is able to notify these states and agencies of an impending quake 10 minutes before it hits. This allows time for emergency sirens and other alerts to be put into immediate action. Residents in these locations are being educated in what to do when such an event occurs by the use of guides and public information announcements.

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