September 29, 2020

Japan Tsunami Video

“By watching this Japan Tsunami video you will definitely get a feeling that nothing is above the nature. If nature decides to show its fury, then no army or government can stop it.

Tsunami Video

A few lucky ones who are living in high rise building can only watch this approaching Tsunami wave with dismay and astonishment.

This Tsunami video shows the violet nature of the Tsunami – most often caused by earthquakes.

When you see a approaching Tsunami from a distance, there are no signs of huge waves and high tides. But when it hits the coast, then only one can realize the impact of the powerful Tsunami waves.

The video shows the Tsunami sweeping away thousands of cars and uprooting many houses in its path of destruction. You can also see smoke coming out from a power plant in the initial section of this video.

The cars and houses and other structures are being washed away in a matter of few seconds and one could also hear the warning sound of siren indicating the Tsunami is about to hit the coast.

We can only hope that the people heard the sirens and were able to flee to safety.”

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