September 19, 2021

Where To Buy USGS Maps Easily

USGS maps are produced by the U. S. Geological Survey section of the federal government. They indicate regions in the United States having locations near serious earthquake faults, as well as the various earthquake hazards that exist. With a map it is possible to determine the possibility of an earthquake occurring where one is located.

Usgs Maps

A ‘ShakeMap” has been developed by this agency which can automatically place computer maps on the Internet regarding the power of an earthquake within minutes of a quake. This is of great assistance to emergency personnel and was put into effect after the 6.7 Nisqually, Washington earthquake which occurred in 2001. At the current time, due to lack of seismic networks with strong recording capabilities it is available only in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Salt Lake City and the Seattle area.

It is expected that the seismic recording equipment and telecommunication feeds, required for this “ShakeMap”, will eventually be installed in all large U.S.metropolitan areas that are prone to earthquakes. This will enable anyone with a computer to be able to access the earthquake’s danger and act accordingly.

Anyone with a computer can go on the Internet and pull up maps where earthquakes have occurred over a period of time. It can be in the last hour, a day ago, a week ago or whatever one is looking for. A number of sites giving information about the USGS will show maps indicating where the greatest danger from earthquakes is. These maps can easily be copied on one’s home printer if desired.

It is also possible to go to the USGS store on the internet and purchase whatever map is desired. There are earthquake location maps, seismic maps and many others, covering not just the U. S. But the world as well. Anyone who is interested will find that the array offered is fascinating.

The national seismic-hazard maps can predict the amount of shaking expected over certain periods of time. This information would be valuable for someone who had a building project and did not want it located in a dangerous area. These maps are available for identifying exactly where the various faults lie beneath the surface of the earth.

It was in 1977 that Congress first realized the effect that earthquakes had on the environment, people and property in certain areas of the United States. At that time the NEHRP (National Earthquake Hazards Reduction Program)was formed in order to help the people understand this natural hazard that could create so much havoc. Under the NEHRP, the USGS was formed as well as three other agencies.

The overall objective of the four agencies was to improve the way to identify dangerous zones, establish and modernize a method of watching earthquake activity and develop a method of informing those involved, i. E. Cities, states, medical personnel and others that the earthquake was eminent. In addition, their goal has been to develop a better understanding of what makes a earthquake happen and develop strategies to reduce the human and property losses. It is the work of these agencies that have produced information and maps that are available today. This information is saving a countless number of lives by informing people where the earthquake dangers are and giving them time to locate elsewhere.

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